Upload a photo of yourself and visualize yourself in any apparel.

Our patented algorithm:

  • Adapts to the size/pose of the person
  • Incredibly fast generation time (<1 second)
  • Adapts to the lighting of the source image

APPARELSWAP is built for...

D2C Platforms

We aim to build out APIs/plug-ins that enable brands which are hosted on Shopify, WIX, or other platforms to enable a high fidelity virtual try-on solution seamlessly.

E-Commerce Marketplaces

We aim to create a plug-in that can be integrated with any marketplace - where customers can upload clothes and swipe through the catalog on themselves.

Our solution today is presently trained only for T-shirts. We are in the process of training other Article Types and aim to have a deployable solution by end 2024 only

Our value proposition



Lighting quick generation