Switch the person

Swap the ethnicity of the model in any catalog image seamlessly

Shoot your conventional catalog images on anybody. We swap out the person in the entire set to a conventionally beautiful synthetic human.

MODELSWAP is loved by...

Fashion Brands

We enable brands to upgrade their catalog images with a wide variety of AI models to choose from. You no longer need a conventional model for the shoot.This can also be used as a lever to localise your content for different customer demographics.

Cataloging Studios

We enable cataloging studios to reduce their spends on models by switching a regular person to a model. Speficially, we partner with them to give a much wider assortment of international models of different ethnicities cost- effectively to their clients.

E-Commerce Marketplaces

We enable platforms to offer a more diverse set of models on their platform cost- effectively. Our ModelSwap solution can take any set of catalogue images as inputs and switch them out to a range of international models quickly and at high quality.

Our value proposition



Cheaper than conventional shoots.

How it works

Self-service Product launching soon!