Mannequin to Model

Shoot on a mannequin. We substitute the mannequin with a photorealistic synthetic human.

We do 3 things:

  • Switch the mannequin to a human
  • Swap out the background to white/grey
  • We adapt the lighting to make it look natural

NO-MODEL is loved by...

Fast Fashion Retailers & Manufacturers

We enable low-cost value brands to upgrade their mannequin or flat-lay images to a human images with international models. This will lead to an increase in your conversion - specifically the ‘List Page to Product Page’ and the ‘Product Page’ to ‘Cart Page’.

Cataloging Studios

We enable cataloging studios to add another service offering to their product portfolio. Specifically, we partner with them to deliver a low cost alternative to their value-driven client base while also making a good margin in the process.

E-Commerce Marketplaces

We enable platforms to make the customer’s shopping experience more enjoyable through better visuals. Our No-Model solution is a cost-effective tool to lend the platform a much more symmetrical and cohesive appearance - especially platforms where sellers upload a mix on flat-lay and human model images.

Our value proposition



Faster than studio shot images

How it works

Self-service Product launching soon!